Monitor Traffic And Stop Malware With Comodo Free Firewall

23 Jan

The concpet of Firewall is in existence for a long time now because when programs and software applications came into vogue, it became mandatory that a protective system monitors their activity. Simplifying the process even further and making it highly cost efficient is the Comodo Free Firewall, a single solution for all the verification process.

Comodo Free Firewall

Comodo Free Firewall

The program developed by the security expert brand has earned the Cnet editor’s choice award. Acquiring such a prestigious award and five star rating isn’t an easy task unless the software has actually met the guidelines set by CNET.

The Firewall solution provided by Comodo excels in all areas. Some of the exclusive features found in the product include default deny protection or DDP, one touch settings and prevention based security. The product is fully compatible with Comodo Antivirus Solution and can be purchased in a bundle with Internet Security suite.

Award Winning Firewall

Award Winning Firewall

An appealing aspect of Comodo Free Firewall is that the product is being offered free of cost and can be instantly downloaded by anyone to be installed on their computer. Any number of copies can be used because the developers doesn’t have any restrictions. Unlike software programs made by other brands, Comodo solutions are not a stripped down version of the actual product. It never forces users to pay so as to use premium quality services.

Cnet Award winning Firewall

Cnet Award winning Firewall

The default deny protection system is fully functional which has the capability to block PC unsafe files at an early stage. Some of the common tasks the firewall is capable of accommodating include boosting internet speed, allowing only known applications to pass through, help users decide whether to allow or deny new requests, monitor incoming/out going traffic among everything else.

The program is useful to secure all types of connections a PC will receive and also works using cloud based behavior analysis. The cloud system helps software to easily read both whitelist and blacklist programs.

Comodo Free Firewall will access the cloud often to verify a files integrity before granting it access. Users will find the free tool easy to configure because it doesn’t feature any complex system management and can be tweaked to operate with the flick of a slider. There will be no convoluting decision making and you don’t have to approve every file without knowing whether it is harmful or not. Simply let the cloud based scan do the decision making for you and all you have to do is use a secured PC that is free from malware and virus intrusions.

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