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What are the Key Benefits Of Comodo Free Firewall?

Using a firewall is mandatory for any computer that connects to the internet because it is the first line of defense against millions of malware found online and the user. While there are many brands that serve the purpose and have good features, there are some specific ones that help Comodo free firewall stand apart from the crowd. The product comes from a brand known for its trust assurance solutions and it has the coveted name of being a certificate provider of SSL solutions. Not every firewall developer can make this claim because Comodo is the only leader to have a stronghold in both areas. The free solution provides users an opportunity to defend themselves against malware, trojans, bugs and viruses that are found aplenty in the internet world. The primary role of the software program is to make sure no free ports are used to establish an unauthorized communication with the web.

Free Firewall


User Behavior 

The program is capable of learning user behavior automatically and vary settings accordingly. Not every tool has such sophisticated features which is an exclusive found only with Comodo free firewall. When users reject a software from going online for updates and when they frequently allow a program to communicate because it is mandatory for them, the software will read the patterns. Whenever a new query by the same application comes up, it will automatically approve or reject it based on user’s daily habit. This saves you the time of having to make formal decisions every time and let the software decide, based on your regular input and frequent usage habits.

Free Firewall

Comodo Free Firewall

Default Deny Protection 

DDP or default deny protection is another significant feature of Comodo free firewall which secures the computer from any known infections. The program gets its data from a cloud based system which notifies the firewall of PC safe files from reputed developers and also warns when any unidentified files are found. This makes it much easier to allow access only to those that are reliable and safe to deal with. The process allows PC safe files and programs to execute automatically which also drastically reduces user intervention and act as a prevention based security. The chief motto of Comodo products is that instead of trying to remove an infection, they always prevent them from entering in the first place. The program will stop malware and virus before it’s too late to do so.

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What is Firewall? How It Works & Protect Threats?

The term firewall refers to the digital security wall which acts as a perimeter between the computer and the internet. It is responsible for monitoring both incoming and outgoing traffic to ensure that everything is safe. When a computer is connected to the internet, it will have three different active ports. They are incoming port, outgoing port and an email port. In most case scenarios, all three of them will not be active which is when malicious codes and programs online will try to establish a connection with the server. If the access is granted they will instantly install themselves into the PC and try to exploit the registry or the operating system. The firewall security gets rid of such pesky malware and trojans by blocking them at an early stage. Using the right kind of software is mandatory because branded ones that have a strong presence in the market are more reliable and has customer integrity.



Instant Protection 

Cloud Scanning

Cloud Scanning

The virus definitions help firewall make a decision when known malware is found. The latest version of the product is usually cloud based which makes it easier to spot issues at an early stage and defend them. Besides, firewall security will always ensure that no program in your computer communicates with any other file on the internet. It will disable auto updates and also close any open ports so that no connection is made without your authorization. Any new update or when a software attempts to connect to the online server, the user will be notified first. Only when they approve, the process will be carried forward and any updates required will be downloaded. Other notable features a good firewall has will include frequent updates, auto sandbox system and automatic cloud based scanning.


A reliable form of protection is offered by the firewall software which makes sure your computer is safe from virus and malware. Any type of bugs, trojans or any other malicious content will instantly be recognized and thwarted. When combined with a good antivirus program, the firewall is capable of completely defending the OS against any type of attack. Besides, it is a mandatory tool that should always be on when going to the web as programs will frequently try to communicate with the computer. The program will ensure whether those communication attempts are legit, comes from a recognized source and makes sure they don’t infect the architecture.

Download Free Firewall

Download Firewall

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What is Firewall Security? Firewall Versus Antivirus

There are significant differences between the type of security a firewall offers and the virus removal process taken care of by an antivirus program. Both of them are fundamentally different from one another because the firewall is a program which acts as a wall between the internet and the computer. It’s main objective is to make sure no unwanted or unauthorized communication is established between a program and a code from the internet. The firewall will continuously monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic to intercept any malicious files that try to pass through into the PC infrastructure. Whereas, the antivirus program has entirely different function and it is part of the operating system. It doesn’t have direct control over internet communications but has the capability to find a virus or trojan as soon as it is inside the system.

Firewall Vs Antivirus 

Users who look forward to know more about firewall security should consider knowing what it actually is. The program uses variety of monitoring techniques to ensure harmful files don’t find their way inside. There are plenty of free programs available online using which you can make sure your computer functions as it is intended and doesn’t face any issues. When unwanted applications or website communicate with the OS, chances are high that they might infect the PC and make it like a zombie. Sometimes, they establish a connection with your messenger or email messaging client which will make it easier for the malware to download the entire communication history. This is used by hackers and cyber criminals which warrants the usage of firewall programs to safeguard internal chats.

How Do They Protect? 

Firewall – The Firewall establishes a strong security shield between the web and your computer for safe communication. When a computer is connected to the web, it will use an incoming port, outgoing port and an e-mail port. When any one of the port is not in use, the malware, trojans, virus and other unsafe programs will try to use it as an entry into the individual computer. The firewall ensures it doesn’t happen and stops such infection from taking place.

Antivirus – It is a program designed to remove virus once they are found. The latest advanced versions from a brand like Comodo focus more on preventing these virus, malware and trojan infections than trying to remove them after the problem occurs. They use cloud based technology to know whitelist and blacklist of virus definitions easily.

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Major Key Benefits & Advanced Features of Comodo Free Firewall Pro

Using a firewall is mandatory when going online because it is the sole protection system against hoards of online files that tries to access your computer. When connected to the web, the computer tries to communicate and the software installed within will try to establish a link with network servers for updates. Some of them are automatic and when it is provided by a reputed server such as Microsoft, the problems are minimal.

At the same time, rogue software and malware tries to make use of the open ports to enter your operating system. This is when the Comodo free firewall pro comes into picture. With its exceptional protection features and ability to defend against malware, it will make sure that your computer is safe at all times. Users don’t have to do any complex configuration because the program will automatically configure it for you. It is simple to use yet efficient against all attacks.

Free Firewall

Blocks Internet Attacks

  Comodo free firewall pro is fully featured with the ability to block all types of internet attacks. The software uses cloud based verification which will verify any new file with the virus definitions found online and if they are on the blacklist, it will be blocked immediately. The tool is made to make sure a file is safe to use before allowing it access and block it when it is not. Moreover, whenever a new program tries to communicate with your server, it will ask the user to make a decision. When they are not so tech savvy and requires professional assistance, the user has the choice to leave it to the Comodo labs. The cloud based virus definitions are always updated which makes it easy to block new malware as soon as they emerge and not let it pass through, which is harmful for your operating system.

Monitors and Secures Connections

  Powered by the latest default deny protection and prevention based technology, Comodo free firewall pro will prevent malware occurrence in the first place. The solution is the most reliable of them all for every user, be it a professional or a newbie. The software also has a dedicated sandbox technology and game mode. Game mode makes sure you don’t get too many interruptions when busy playing a game. Get instant security now. The firewall pro from Comodo provides all the information you need in a single user interface and has uncluttered design for easy access.

Download Free Firewall

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Safer Internet Day: Guide To Educate Your Kids On Internet Safety

Safer Internet Day is now a global phenomenon pioneered by public awareness community and is supported by majority of technology firms. The day marks the necessity to educate everyone, both kids and adults about the issues that prevail in the web world. While adults can easily comprehend problems and can act accordingly, kids think in an entirely different style.

It’s important how you communicate with them and educate them on the aspect of online safety. Before doing so, you should know the basic aspects and how to begin a conversation with a little one. Compared to the past, they are more educated and proactive in modern times. Most kids can easily understand your questions and will respond if you ask them the right way.

What is Internet Safety?

Ask these questions to yourself before you begin the small talk. What is internet safety and how do you to promote it to someone else. Internet safety is about browsing the web in a safe manner, avoiding sharing confidential and private information to strangers, dealing only with recognized websites while stop falling prey to online scams.

The number of scams occuring online is increasing every day and sometimes it involves kids as well. They are being indirectly targeted even though games are where they least expect a hacker or scammer to be on the prowl. Teaching kids about the hassles of internet and how to safely use it will make sure they stay safe at all times. As the technology plays a role in our every day lives, it is mandatory that everyone knows what to do and what not to do online.

Talk To Your Kids

Have a brief conversation with your children on their activities online. Ask them the type of websites they visit and if it is games, know the titles that they play. This will make it easy to know if they are dealing with safe ones. Also, talk to know where they spend their most time.

Know more about the friends your kids make online. Fake profiles are plenty and it could be a stalker or a kidnapper on the other side talking nice to them. Teach them to not share confidential information such as house address or phone numbers with unknown people.

Always promote an open and mature discussion. Don’t intimidate the kids because they should have the confidence to approach you when something goes wrong.

Be a good parent and have conversations on internet security as well as other topics. Be friendly and keep your home secured.

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