Can You Trust Comodo Free Internet Security Software?

12 Feb

Of course, yes. You can trust Comodo free internet security software but before making this over-confident claim, it is wise to explain why the brand has such a strong belief on the products they make. It is not only because of the exclusive features or the dedicated antivirus lab they own but also because of the millions of customers worldwide who trust Comodo. Gaining such level of integrity and customer trust is not an easy task. It is built over the decades by providing quality products, assured security and satisfactory customer service which paved it to greatness.

Comodo Free Internet Security

Comodo Internet Security

How Comodo Free Internet Security Differs?

Free Comodo Internet Security

How Comodo Internet Security Differs

The market has a wide range of internet security products available, each one of them with their set of features designed to stop virus intrusions. Comodo free Internet Security software differs from them all at various levels because of,

Auto Sandbox Mode – The sandbox technology creates a virtual replication of your running operating system. The feature has the capability to identify all untrusted programs and they will automatically be to the box mode. This ensures that any type of malicious file or malware is fully isolated from the PC for maximum security and tested in a secure environment.

HIPS – Host Intrusion Prevention System is another exclusive features for the Comodo product. The feature is designed to prevent malware, virus, trojan and bugs from entering the computer. This prevention based system makes CIS superior to other programs which work only after infection occurs. Preventing malware secures files and data better than other security measures.

Default Deny Protection DDP – The feature has the capability to identify safe and secure files from malicious ones. It makes use of the cloud based white list and black list to decide the nature of the files. If it identifies a file to be unsafe, the sandbox mode will automatically take control so as that it can be isolated from the computer’s main storage or OS area.

Cloud Based – Comodo free Internet Security is fully cloud based which is the first of its kind. The product is fully integrated to the web and has the capability to scan malicious files by using its latest virus definitions. Sometimes, local virus definitions may not be current which will let known virus enter but the cloud system saves the trouble and keep things updated. Similarly, the product also uses Cloud based behavior analysis and whitelisting solutions to stop zero day malware among other malicious programs.

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