Major Key Benefits & Advanced Features of Comodo Free Firewall Pro

17 Feb

Using a firewall is mandatory when going online because it is the sole protection system against hoards of online files that tries to access your computer. When connected to the web, the computer tries to communicate and the software installed within will try to establish a link with network servers for updates. Some of them are automatic and when it is provided by a reputed server such as Microsoft, the problems are minimal.

At the same time, rogue software and malware tries to make use of the open ports to enter your operating system. This is when the Comodo free firewall pro comes into picture. With its exceptional protection features and ability to defend against malware, it will make sure that your computer is safe at all times. Users don’t have to do any complex configuration because the program will automatically configure it for you. It is simple to use yet efficient against all attacks.

Free Firewall

Blocks Internet Attacks

  Comodo free firewall pro is fully featured with the ability to block all types of internet attacks. The software uses cloud based verification which will verify any new file with the virus definitions found online and if they are on the blacklist, it will be blocked immediately. The tool is made to make sure a file is safe to use before allowing it access and block it when it is not. Moreover, whenever a new program tries to communicate with your server, it will ask the user to make a decision. When they are not so tech savvy and requires professional assistance, the user has the choice to leave it to the Comodo labs. The cloud based virus definitions are always updated which makes it easy to block new malware as soon as they emerge and not let it pass through, which is harmful for your operating system.

Monitors and Secures Connections

  Powered by the latest default deny protection and prevention based technology, Comodo free firewall pro will prevent malware occurrence in the first place. The solution is the most reliable of them all for every user, be it a professional or a newbie. The software also has a dedicated sandbox technology and game mode. Game mode makes sure you don’t get too many interruptions when busy playing a game. Get instant security now. The firewall pro from Comodo provides all the information you need in a single user interface and has uncluttered design for easy access.

Download Free Firewall

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