What is Firewall Security? Firewall Versus Antivirus

18 Feb

There are significant differences between the type of security a firewall offers and the virus removal process taken care of by an antivirus program. Both of them are fundamentally different from one another because the firewall is a program which acts as a wall between the internet and the computer. It’s main objective is to make sure no unwanted or unauthorized communication is established between a program and a code from the internet. The firewall will continuously monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic to intercept any malicious files that try to pass through into the PC infrastructure. Whereas, the antivirus program has entirely different function and it is part of the operating system. It doesn’t have direct control over internet communications but has the capability to find a virus or trojan as soon as it is inside the system.

Firewall Vs Antivirus 

Users who look forward to know more about firewall security should consider knowing what it actually is. The program uses variety of monitoring techniques to ensure harmful files don’t find their way inside. There are plenty of free programs available online using which you can make sure your computer functions as it is intended and doesn’t face any issues. When unwanted applications or website communicate with the OS, chances are high that they might infect the PC and make it like a zombie. Sometimes, they establish a connection with your messenger or email messaging client which will make it easier for the malware to download the entire communication history. This is used by hackers and cyber criminals which warrants the usage of firewall programs to safeguard internal chats.

How Do They Protect? 

Firewall – The Firewall establishes a strong security shield between the web and your computer for safe communication. When a computer is connected to the web, it will use an incoming port, outgoing port and an e-mail port. When any one of the port is not in use, the malware, trojans, virus and other unsafe programs will try to use it as an entry into the individual computer. The firewall ensures it doesn’t happen and stops such infection from taking place.

Antivirus – It is a program designed to remove virus once they are found. The latest advanced versions from a brand like Comodo focus more on preventing these virus, malware and trojan infections than trying to remove them after the problem occurs. They use cloud based technology to know whitelist and blacklist of virus definitions easily.

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