What are the Key Benefits Of Comodo Free Firewall?

20 Feb

Using a firewall is mandatory for any computer that connects to the internet because it is the first line of defense against millions of malware found online and the user. While there are many brands that serve the purpose and have good features, there are some specific ones that help Comodo free firewall stand apart from the crowd. The product comes from a brand known for its trust assurance solutions and it has the coveted name of being a certificate provider of SSL solutions. Not every firewall developer can make this claim because Comodo is the only leader to have a stronghold in both areas. The free solution provides users an opportunity to defend themselves against malware, trojans, bugs and viruses that are found aplenty in the internet world. The primary role of the software program is to make sure no free ports are used to establish an unauthorized communication with the web.

Free Firewall


User Behavior 

The program is capable of learning user behavior automatically and vary settings accordingly. Not every tool has such sophisticated features which is an exclusive found only with Comodo free firewall. When users reject a software from going online for updates and when they frequently allow a program to communicate because it is mandatory for them, the software will read the patterns. Whenever a new query by the same application comes up, it will automatically approve or reject it based on user’s daily habit. This saves you the time of having to make formal decisions every time and let the software decide, based on your regular input and frequent usage habits.

Free Firewall

Comodo Free Firewall

Default Deny Protection 

DDP or default deny protection is another significant feature of Comodo free firewall which secures the computer from any known infections. The program gets its data from a cloud based system which notifies the firewall of PC safe files from reputed developers and also warns when any unidentified files are found. This makes it much easier to allow access only to those that are reliable and safe to deal with. The process allows PC safe files and programs to execute automatically which also drastically reduces user intervention and act as a prevention based security. The chief motto of Comodo products is that instead of trying to remove an infection, they always prevent them from entering in the first place. The program will stop malware and virus before it’s too late to do so.

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