What is Firewall? How It Works & Protect Threats?

20 Feb

The term firewall refers to the digital security wall which acts as a perimeter between the computer and the internet. It is responsible for monitoring both incoming and outgoing traffic to ensure that everything is safe. When a computer is connected to the internet, it will have three different active ports. They are incoming port, outgoing port and an email port. In most case scenarios, all three of them will not be active which is when malicious codes and programs online will try to establish a connection with the server. If the access is granted they will instantly install themselves into the PC and try to exploit the registry or the operating system. The firewall security gets rid of such pesky malware and trojans by blocking them at an early stage. Using the right kind of software is mandatory because branded ones that have a strong presence in the market are more reliable and has customer integrity.



Instant Protection 

Cloud Scanning

Cloud Scanning

The virus definitions help firewall make a decision when known malware is found. The latest version of the product is usually cloud based which makes it easier to spot issues at an early stage and defend them. Besides, firewall security will always ensure that no program in your computer communicates with any other file on the internet. It will disable auto updates and also close any open ports so that no connection is made without your authorization. Any new update or when a software attempts to connect to the online server, the user will be notified first. Only when they approve, the process will be carried forward and any updates required will be downloaded. Other notable features a good firewall has will include frequent updates, auto sandbox system and automatic cloud based scanning.


A reliable form of protection is offered by the firewall software which makes sure your computer is safe from virus and malware. Any type of bugs, trojans or any other malicious content will instantly be recognized and thwarted. When combined with a good antivirus program, the firewall is capable of completely defending the OS against any type of attack. Besides, it is a mandatory tool that should always be on when going to the web as programs will frequently try to communicate with the computer. The program will ensure whether those communication attempts are legit, comes from a recognized source and makes sure they don’t infect the architecture.

Download Free Firewall

Download Firewall

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