Internet security- The best ways to protect your private information on internet

21 Mar

Online privacy is almost on the verge of extinction leaving users at risk from online snoopers. With Internet being used every second for various purposes, Internet security is fast becoming a serious concern for individuals and businesses. Personal information such as email address, social security number, credit/debit card details, phone number, and bank account number is of great financial value to legitimate businesses and shady individuals. Hackers want to steal money from you while companies want to sell you their products and services. With hackers becoming more sophisticated in their methods these days, the need to protect private information has become cardinal.

There are several ways to protect your personal information on the Internet. First and foremost is to install a powerful and trusted Internet security program. This will prevent cyber criminals from hacking your system. Do not fill personal information on social media sites. With Twitter and Facebook on the popularity peak, online hackers can easily gain access to your personal information. Use just one credit card for online shopping. Before entering your credit card details, read complete security protocols of the website. Go ahead with the transaction only if the website is legitimate.  Avoid debit cards as they give hackers immediate access to your bank account.

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Another form of Internet security threats are pop-up advertisements and spam mails. Do not click on links that come without a personal note, even if it comes from ‘people’ known to you. Just delete it. Use your social security number only for banking transactions. Identity thieves can hack your system in no time if they know the last four digits of your SSN and birth place. Beware of websites that offer prize or reward in exchange for your personal details. There is a high probability that hackers use the information for their criminal agenda. Change passwords often and use different passwords for online accounts. Set up an alternative email address to secure your primary mail account. If your email is spammed or compromised, close it and open a new one.

People shop, hunt for jobs, carry out official tasks, socialize, and do much more on the Internet making them more vulnerable to Internet security threats. The more convenience and opportunities Internet offers, the more dangerous it has become. Therefore, taking necessary precautions to protect private information ensures that your privacy is both protected and respected.

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