Why Comodo antivirus is the best tool for blocking CryptoLocker virus?

02 Apr

CryptoLocker, also nicknamed ‘ransomware’, is the latest weapon invented by cyber criminals  to extort money from the users. Unlike the other online scamming techniques, this tactic is less scheming and more profitable. CryptoLocker virus is a new type of malware, a Trojan Horse, predominantly distributed via emails to infect the system, encrypt the files, and demand ransom for the decryption key from victims. A new variant called CrptoLocker 2.0, discovered in December 2013, is significantly more potential than its predecessor encrypting more file formats and propagates via USB drives. It renders Windows Key, Escape (Esc) Key, and ALT+TAB features inaccessible.

With an impressive record of infecting more than 300,000 systems within a short span of 3 months, CryptoLocker virus 2.0, alias Prison Locker, found its match in Comodo Endpoint Security Manager (CESM). The software detects and prevents threats by segregating safe and unsafe applications. It then isolates all applications whose legitimacy cannot verified. It it is a known threat, the anti-virus will prevent from damages. If it is an unknown threat, Comodo’s unique Auto-Sandbox feature and the Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) will block and prevent it from infecting the operating system. Therefore, before CryptoLocker becomes a menace, CES automatically sandboxes it preventing encryption of files.

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The Comodo Enterprise Security Manager 3 (CESM) is for a fact unprecedented because it is only anti-malware program that offers 5 layers of  in-depth defense (HIP, Firewall, Anti-virus, Auto-Sandbox, and File Rating) to the impact point (desktop). This effectively means that your system is 100% secure from CryptoLocker virus. The fact that Comodo Antivirus installations have crossed 70 million with a clean record is a further emphasis on the strength of the software. Comodo also provides CESM users with $,5000 free warranty against virus.

The Endpoint Security Manager provides a powerful anti-malware that effectively coordinates threat protection on endpoints (local and remote) from a browser-based console. This design assists system administrators to centrally manage their desktops, laptops, and server endpoints. So, when an user clicks on a malicious message that contains CryptoLocker virus, the ESM detects and sandboxes it automatically and alerts the admin. The administrator will first view the files in the sandbox, select the malicious programs, remotely access end user’s system, select the malicious application running on sandbox, and delete it. Easy to say and simple to execute.

In November 2013, the US-CERT warned of an impending rise in CryptoLocker, but also assured that organizations using CESM were guaranteed to stay and be protected. Powered by the same technology as Comodo Internet Security (CIS), CESM possess other potentials such as centralized monitoring known and unknown files (sandboxed and malicious), encrypted VNC sessions to endpoints (local and remote), auto-synchronization of endpoint through Active Directory, and Windows 7 Embedded (standard version) support.

CryptoLocker ransomware is a grave threat and is on a rapid rise. What you need is not just protection but a ‘stubborn’ protection against it. With a proven track record in security services, Comodo Endpoint Security Manager is undoubtedly the best choice.

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