Top Antivirus softwares that helps in protecting your linux system

03 Apr

Regardless of the operating system, computers can suffer from viruses and malware. Linux is no exception this but is fortunate to have only few viruses to trouble it. This is precisely why most Linux users do not have an anti-virus software installed. But, just like other OS, it is recommended that Linux users install a malware removal tool on systems that have data being transferred to a device or that are on a network. According to some users, the antivirus uses way too many resources. Fortunately, low-footprint applications exist for Linux OS. Though, Linux malware infection is not as widespread as Windows infection, the amount of viruses and malware targeting the OS has risen in recent times.

According a 2005 report, Linux malware has doubled from 420 to 850. Though when compared to Windows malware it is a miniscule percentage, it is still a cause for concern.

Virus Scanners

Virus scanner is a security application that searches the system for any malware. The scanner looks out for specific code patterns or certain malware characteristics before deleting the malware from the system or instructing the user on what should be done with the malicious program. There are quite a few tools that remove malware effectively from Linux OS. They are:

Comodo Antivirus for Linux

1. This is one of the best malware removal software available today and has been trusted by individuals and enterprises alike. This powerful anti virus and email filtering program detects and deletes viruses and malware from Linux-based computers and laptops.
2. It acts as a gateway to emails blocking spams and email-borne malware keeping information safe.
3. It has an array of features including cloud, on-access, and on-demand scanning.
4. The software is simple to use, easily configurable, automatically updates virus definitions.
5. Along with these great features, it also includes a detailed event viewer, a scan scheduler, and a custom profile scanner.
6. The software is available for free and can be downloaded from Comodo’s website.



1. ClamAntiVirus is a popular Linux antivirus software designed to detect and remove malware and other malicious threats.
2. It is a command-line AV program providing multi-threaded scanning and automatic updates in addition to being free and an open source.


1. Kaspersky antivirus for Linux is new program that provides adequate protection against dangerous programs.
2. It keeps data secure and scans files when they are opened.
3. Data updation is followed a on regular basis.


1. Another popular malware removal tool, Avast has more features, like the Sandbox applications, in its paid version.
2. It is not open source and utilizes system memory for its functioning.
3. Users argue that this software offers better protection than ClamAV.


1. Anti Virus guard offer quick scanning and prevents the entry of online scams and scammers.
2. It prevents data theft and spying and keeps the system running smooth.
3. Unlike, AVG Windows, AVG Linux has no graphical user interface (GUI).

Though Linux OS has only a few known viruses, there are many unknown on the rise. Therefore, it is paramount that Linux users install one of the best malware removal software to protect their systems.

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