Stay away from Malicious ads

21 Jul

Advertisements can easily attract people, We find a lot of ads appearing online, through which most of us get attracted, as it probes us to redirect ourselves to it’s sites.

Malvertising is one form of infecting malicious ads into authenticated and well authorized online websites and networks that are meant only for advertisements. The main reason behind this is to spread the contagious malware into the websites and hence the term malwaretisements. There is high level of difficulty in differentiating authenticated ads from malware infected ads.

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In reality, the scenario of a virtual world is that, some of the authenticated ads are treated and marked as malicious ads based on its technical constraints. There are many online ads that are found to be malicious.

By clicking malicious ads users are redirected to the websites that infects the PC users with malware, This might also lead to installation of unauthorized software onto the user’s machine. This can be avoided by installing and running an security product like Comodo antivirus that has the capability to block the infection. The malvertisements can also infect the PC of the user, if the user is running an out-dated operating system and browser which are vulnerable that does not supports the blocking of malware infections.

The unauthorized software that are installed through these malicious software may function in many forms. As malware can be of any form, it can be a trojan that corrupts the banking information, it can also be an malicious antivirus software. It can be a keylogger that can steal information user’s sensitive data, It can be a ransomware.

Some recent sources shows up a news about an ad network called the AppNexus, that was charged for posting malicious ads on and some more sites. The provider of the advertisements, has aimed at infecting computer users with malware.

To be more clear, Malicious ads do not compulsorily need to be malwares. They can install cookies to track at the back end without the consent of the users or they might carry out a secret execution of collecting the user’s information.

Sometimes some of the legitimate ads are found to be found to be malicious. This is because they are neither fraud nor legitimate.

How to protect ourselves from These malicious ads ?

  • Do not click on any suspicious ads
  • When someone offers you something through an advertisement, you should always have a second thought before click on any ads.
  • Above all, install Comodo Internet Security suite that will best help you by preventing you from being a victim of such malicious ads.
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