What is Virus iCodec ?

24 Aug

Icodec Virus:

This virus is a type of spyware that induces the non stopping pop ups interrupting the computer operations. This spyware causes greater destruction and damage, literally interfering the normal operations of the computer, making the computer user to treat that as a challenge. The Icodec virus is known for its intrusive nature that it often displays ads whether you want it or not. Initially check whether the problem is really caused by Icodec virus taking and then make further process to remove it

Guidelines to identify and remove the Icodec Virus:

  • If you find any pop up windows that are not coming from websites that you frequently browse. check if your PC is infected with Icodec virus. This Icodec virus, causes pop-ups informing that your PC is in danger, guiding you to download free antivirus software. These pop ups may vary from adult pop ups to gambling websites. For your information these pop ups that are meant to carry threats hints us with a yellow triangle that flashes on on top corner of the pop up window. Hence be aware.
  • Check whether programs pmsngr.exe and pmmon.exe are running on your PC.
  • While clicking and holding “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” simultaneously, click the process tab, if you identify any pmmon.exe and pmsngr.exe, you can be sure of Icodec virus vulnerability.
  • Start your PC in safe mode to remove viruses. You can do this by holding the F8 key while rebooting your PC. A list of Start options shows up, opt for “Safe Mode”.
  • Take off the Icodec folder that is found on your PC. To remove the Icodec folder, go to the Progarm folder while in safe mode and check for a folder named IcodecPack, once found drag the folder to the Recycle Bin and also delete the contents of the recycle bin. this helps us to independently remove the file.
  • Reboot your PC, change the safe mode to standard mode. If the the symptoms are found appearing back again, start the PC again in safe mode and remove the Icodec folder again.
  • While installing the software, pay close attention as the software installer allows optional installation like HDvid-Codec V9.0 adware. Do not randomly agree to install the optional ones.
  • Prefer customized installation and do not select unknown files, specifically those unknown software that you do not want to download.

In short do not install any software that you are not sure of.

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