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Why do you need antivirus on your android mobile ?

Why do you need an Antivirus?

You might be busy protecting your computer, not knowing the fact that your Android mobile is also prone to these virus attacks. Comodo Antivirus for Androids gives you a solution for all these problems. This feature acts as a high protective shield against viruses and malware.This Antivirus for Android being a component of Comodo Mobile Security System uses a scanner system. Android users can sst an automatic monitoring of incoming files to avoid the risk of potential threats.

Is Mobile Security a major concern?

If Android mobile security is your major concern, Comodo Mobile Security System is your solution. This helps to protect Android mobiles and tablets against unsafe apps and harmful viruses. It also helps to optimize your Android device. The Comodo Mobile security system comes in a package of Antivirus, Software and process manager, SMS and Call BlockingPrivacy Protection and Anti-theft Protection. Comodo Antivirus is the first line of defense. This enable all-time virus protection and a scans the files on demand. Comodo Antivirus also has a Health Check feature which identifies malicious viruses that causes a high risk.

How to Detect and Avoid an Android Virus?

Unwanted ads, unusually high bills, automatic installation of apps that you did not opt, an app demanding money to open your android device, strange functioning of apps are some of the signs of harmful attack on your device. Comodo Antivirus helps you to overcome the virus attack. It is a part of the Comodo Mobile Security System. Comodo Antivirus acts effectively along with other components of the security system. This helps your android device to be free from infectious worms, viruses, etc.

Why install a Mobile Security App on my Android?

Nowadays the usage of android mobiles has gone high. Internet banking, mailing, online shopping, can be accessed easily using an android device, which on the other hand increases the risk of unauthorized access of your smartphone easily. So to protect your Android smartphones, you need a protective layer. Comodo Antivirus for Android helps you an enhanced protection and keeps the mobile free from virus. Comodo Security System app includes this antivirus, which comes along with other protective enhancements like software process manager, data traffic monitor, etc. Installing this app will help you in giving a 100% protection and reduces the potential risk of malware.

antivirus for android

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The need of Antivirus for Android devices

Android has become the largest used OS when it comes to mobile usage. It is very much affordable and user friendly, that makes any user to buy it instantly. So higher the demand of android devices, higher the attention of scammers and criminals to steal information.

Android Smartphones are over taking the use of laptops and PCs. This has pulled the need for its security. Out of all the other operating systems used in Mobile devices, around 97% of the mobile malware infects only android based smartphones.

How do android smartphones get infected by malware

The infections are mainly through the apps that are installed by the users from third party app stores that are not authorized and are found to be illegitimate. Following are some of the ways through which android devices get infected

  • If the user installs ‘untrusted’ apps
  • When the user visits untrusted Web browsers
  • If the user fails to update the latest version of the android OS

Antivirus for android

Untrusted apps:

It is always advisable to download and install apps from the Google play store or any other trusted play store. This is because authorized and legitimate app stores scan their apps very much frequently before it is made available to the users. As an user if you switch on the security settings to permit “Untrusted sources”. Then it allows any app to get downloaded directly from a website without the user’s permission. Mobile security solutions helps to overcome this issue. Antivirus for Android from Comodo helps you to defend any incoming viruses from any untrusted sources. Disable the the security option from not allowing the installation of apps from untrusted sources.

Web browsing:

Sometimes the user might end up getting into a malicious site unknowingly. In such cases there are a higher probability of getting trapped by the scammers. Also there are chances for the users to end up losing their devices. To overcome this there are anti theft features that helps the user to locate where his device is. Antivirus programs like Comodo Antivirus for Android helps to scan any links to check if there are any malicious content, even before the user browses any websites.

Update of Android OS:

Android smartphones should be updated as and when the software is ready with the new updates with all the new and recent security fixes. Until the new security fixes are updated, the users can bank on the Antivirus for Android apps that is available from Comodo. It assures you a 360 degree protection to stay away from any threats.


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How to remove Regin Malware from your computer

A new and highly advanced piece of infectious code called the Regin was identified that has been in use to spy on companies, governments, individuals since early 2008.

This malware is known to be a cyber espionage tool and is programmed in such a way that it cannot be detected by any other sources. This malware is designed for a high end mass surveillance. Its features makes it more potential that it can be used to last for many years. It is also noticed that though its presence is identified, it is really difficult to know what it is actually doing.

Regin malware is highly flexible and it can be customized that it can steal password and other important data, infecting computers and capturing screenshots. It inhouses a wide range of Trojan capabilities. It also programs itself to hijack the point and click functions of the mouse, some of the other infections include network traffic monitoring and much more. It is rated as the top most cyber espionage tool.

how to remove Regin MalwareMost of the malware are created to strain relations between the countries. For many years, it has been heard in the news that the US and China have fought over the accusations of cyber espionage. Most of the targets of Regin’s malware mainly focuses on telecommunications companies and Internet Service providers. The malware has infected most parts of Saudi Arabia, India, Mexico and Russia.
As and when the Regin malware is installed in the PC, malware interferes the PC operations with its malicious activities that are kept hidden in the Trojan folder by the malware author. The Regin malware comprises of five different attack levels, that are concealed and encrypted, except for the first stage that initializes the decrypting process to execute the next stage. All the stages have very little information on the structure of the malware. To know about the complete working of the malware, one should analyze the malicious activity that is posed by all the levels of the malware.

Regin can be deleted manually with several steps

To enter safe mode in Windows 7/Vista/XP, restart PC, Press F8 until the Windows 7 splash screen pops up.
There are advanced Boot options, in this case, by using the up and down keys, Safe Mode could be highlighted. To proceed further, Press Enter.
In the case of Windows 8, Press Windows Key and C, click Settings. Then Click Power, followed by pressing Shift Key on your keyboard and then click Restart.
To enable Safe Mode, Press 4
Click Troubleshoot and click Advanced options.
Click Startup Settings and then click Restart.
Press 4 on your keyboard to Enable Safe Mode.

Step2. Delete the files created by Regin.

To show the hidden and protected files,  the first and foremost thing is to change the settings of folder options, as the Trojan establishes its files in the hidden folders
To do this, in Windows 7/Vista, Clisk Start, Select Control Panel, Select Appearance and Personalization and Choose and click Folder options
Select View Tab, in Advanced Settings, select Show hidden files and then OK

In the case of Windows 8, Select Control Panel and click to choose hidden files and folders.
In View tab, Advanced Settings, choose  Hidden files and folders and Press OK
Now search for Files and Folders to delete them completely
Then search for the Trojan files to delete them completely.

Step 3: The Registry entries that are created by the Trojans should be deleted.

The Registry Editor can be opened by clicking the Start Button and typing regedit in the search field and then press Enter
Now as the Windows Registry editor opens, try to search and delete the registry keys that are probed by the Trojan.

Step 4: Once all the Registry entries and keys of the Trojan are erased. Reboot the computer in normal mode

Useful Resources:

Download Free Antivirus Software:

Free Internet Security Software:

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What do you do with your old smartphones?

iPhone 6 has been the talk of the town after its recent release by Apple this September, records shows a big number of pre-orders that have been placed before the release.

Sometimes you must be thinking in mind about disposing your smartphone to replace with a newer version of phone be it iPhone or an Amazon Fire or an Android Phone, as and when, each time a new version of phone is released, better and new features make the phone more smarter. This makes the people an urge to buy new phone models.

Part exchange:

Some of the phone companies afford to pay of a decent amount of credit in exchange of your old smartphone. This helps the customer to buy a new model phone with new features, to bring down the burden of high expenses to buy a new phone. Inquire with your service provider, on any good exchange offers, and on what price can they take your old device for.

Selling online:

There are number of websites through which you can sell your old smartphones on a return of a fair amount through a secure transaction.

Ways to sell old smartphones online:

You must know to equate the depreciation value of an old smart phone with time, It varies from one retailer to the other

It is like this, in some websites, one week after the launch of new iPhone, the value of an older version of iPhones gets reduced to about 5%. after two weeks, the depreciation value on the older version of iPhones becomes lesser to 12%. after three to four weeks of the launch on the new phones, the depreciation value of the older phones go even more lower to 20%. So acting quickly to buy a new phone replacing your old one will bring you less effects on costs.

Some sites offers some kind of incentives, for eg: Online behemoth eBay offers an incentive of a $100 coupon if your old smartphone does not get sold by 24th of October.

Websites are there to guide and suggest you in fixing a correct price range

Keep your device clean:

If you plan to sell a smart phone, clean all the files from your device and restore to factory settings and then go forward to sell it. Mobiles are the place where you can load up all the personal contacts and other personal files and web history. Selling off your phone to an unknown person without deleting all the information from your phone means a lot to maintain secured privacy.

Make the most use of the your old phone and replace it by a new smartphone.


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Secure Socket Layer (SSL) – A Vital Ingredient in the Internet Culture

Introduction :-

Internet is the main gateway for the malware to attack the system. Almost all of us use internet to share our personal data for specific purposes that makes our lives much easy. Social networking sites, online banking sites, online shopping sites, mailing sites and many more are there in store that can be accessed over the internet. When we enter these sites, it requires passwords, credit/debit card numbers, phone numbers and other personal information. Maintaining Internet security requires a lot of behind the scene work.

SSL – A vital ingredient of Web Security!

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the most popular means of providing internet security. Implementing the SSL on all website will help in acting as a shielding layer for the internet.

Concepts of SSL:

The two main concepts of SSL is the Connection and Session:

Connection: This is a connection between the client and server providing a specific type of service.

A logical client/server link that provides a suitable type of service. The connection in SSl shares the same responsibilities and use the same programs to communicate. The connections is short lived. Each connection is related with one session.

Session: A session is an relation between the client and the server. Handshake Protocol creates these sessions. sessions are shared with multiple connections. Sessions avoid negotiation of security parameters that are expensive for each connection.

Https – key factor of SSL:

Https ( HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) works on SSL. HTTPS encrypts the data that are sent and received with SSL over the Internet. Most of us are aware of the fact that the website is secure with the presence of https along with the url. If your website does not have a https it means that you are not gaining customers.

Customers those who are unaware of the security feature of https, carry out their regular transactions through a http website and which might anytime lead to identity theft and data loss.

Comodo – The No1 SSL ProviderComodo SSL Certificate

Comodo stands no. 1 SSL provider in the security market. Comodo SSL proves to be the best solution in protecting websites by encrypting every sensitive transactions done over the website. It is known to provide 2048 bit digital signatures and 99.9% browser recognition which is a huge contribution to the security industry.

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