Secure Socket Layer (SSL) – A Vital Ingredient in the Internet Culture

03 Sep

Introduction :-

Internet is the main gateway for the malware to attack the system. Almost all of us use internet to share our personal data for specific purposes that makes our lives much easy. Social networking sites, online banking sites, online shopping sites, mailing sites and many more are there in store that can be accessed over the internet. When we enter these sites, it requires passwords, credit/debit card numbers, phone numbers and other personal information. Maintaining Internet security requires a lot of behind the scene work.

SSL – A vital ingredient of Web Security!

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the most popular means of providing internet security. Implementing the SSL on all website will help in acting as a shielding layer for the internet.

Concepts of SSL:

The two main concepts of SSL is the Connection and Session:

Connection: This is a connection between the client and server providing a specific type of service.

A logical client/server link that provides a suitable type of service. The connection in SSl shares the same responsibilities and use the same programs to communicate. The connections is short lived. Each connection is related with one session.

Session: A session is an relation between the client and the server. Handshake Protocol creates these sessions. sessions are shared with multiple connections. Sessions avoid negotiation of security parameters that are expensive for each connection.

Https – key factor of SSL:

Https ( HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) works on SSL. HTTPS encrypts the data that are sent and received with SSL over the Internet. Most of us are aware of the fact that the website is secure with the presence of https along with the url. If your website does not have a https it means that you are not gaining customers.

Customers those who are unaware of the security feature of https, carry out their regular transactions through a http website and which might anytime lead to identity theft and data loss.

Comodo – The No1 SSL ProviderComodo SSL Certificate

Comodo stands no. 1 SSL provider in the security market. Comodo SSL proves to be the best solution in protecting websites by encrypting every sensitive transactions done over the website. It is known to provide 2048 bit digital signatures and 99.9% browser recognition which is a huge contribution to the security industry.

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