What do you do with your old smartphones?

03 Sep

iPhone 6 has been the talk of the town after its recent release by Apple this September, records shows a big number of pre-orders that have been placed before the release.

Sometimes you must be thinking in mind about disposing your smartphone to replace with a newer version of phone be it iPhone or an Amazon Fire or an Android Phone, as and when, each time a new version of phone is released, better and new features make the phone more smarter. This makes the people an urge to buy new phone models.

Part exchange:

Some of the phone companies afford to pay of a decent amount of credit in exchange of your old smartphone. This helps the customer to buy a new model phone with new features, to bring down the burden of high expenses to buy a new phone. Inquire with your service provider, on any good exchange offers, and on what price can they take your old device for.

Selling online:

There are number of websites through which you can sell your old smartphones on a return of a fair amount through a secure transaction.

Ways to sell old smartphones online:

You must know to equate the depreciation value of an old smart phone with time, It varies from one retailer to the other

It is like this, in some websites, one week after the launch of new iPhone, the value of an older version of iPhones gets reduced to about 5%. after two weeks, the depreciation value on the older version of iPhones becomes lesser to 12%. after three to four weeks of the launch on the new phones, the depreciation value of the older phones go even more lower to 20%. So acting quickly to buy a new phone replacing your old one will bring you less effects on costs.

Some sites offers some kind of incentives, for eg: Online behemoth eBay offers an incentive of a $100 coupon if your old smartphone does not get sold by 24th of October.

Websites are there to guide and suggest you in fixing a correct price range

Keep your device clean:

If you plan to sell a smart phone, clean all the files from your device and restore to factory settings and then go forward to sell it. Mobiles are the place where you can load up all the personal contacts and other personal files and web history. Selling off your phone to an unknown person without deleting all the information from your phone means a lot to maintain secured privacy.

Make the most use of the your old phone and replace it by a new smartphone.


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