The need of Antivirus for Android devices

14 Sep

Android has become the largest used OS when it comes to mobile usage. It is very much affordable and user friendly, that makes any user to buy it instantly. So higher the demand of android devices, higher the attention of scammers and criminals to steal information.

Android Smartphones are over taking the use of laptops and PCs. This has pulled the need for its security. Out of all the other operating systems used in Mobile devices, around 97% of the mobile malware infects only android based smartphones.

How do android smartphones get infected by malware

The infections are mainly through the apps that are installed by the users from third party app stores that are not authorized and are found to be illegitimate. Following are some of the ways through which android devices get infected

  • If the user installs ‘untrusted’ apps
  • When the user visits untrusted Web browsers
  • If the user fails to update the latest version of the android OS

Antivirus for android

Untrusted apps:

It is always advisable to download and install apps from the Google play store or any other trusted play store. This is because authorized and legitimate app stores scan their apps very much frequently before it is made available to the users. As an user if you switch on the security settings to permit “Untrusted sources”. Then it allows any app to get downloaded directly from a website without the user’s permission. Mobile security solutions helps to overcome this issue. Antivirus for Android from Comodo helps you to defend any incoming viruses from any untrusted sources. Disable the the security option from not allowing the installation of apps from untrusted sources.

Web browsing:

Sometimes the user might end up getting into a malicious site unknowingly. In such cases there are a higher probability of getting trapped by the scammers. Also there are chances for the users to end up losing their devices. To overcome this there are anti theft features that helps the user to locate where his device is. Antivirus programs like Comodo Antivirus for Android helps to scan any links to check if there are any malicious content, even before the user browses any websites.

Update of Android OS:

Android smartphones should be updated as and when the software is ready with the new updates with all the new and recent security fixes. Until the new security fixes are updated, the users can bank on the Antivirus for Android apps that is available from Comodo. It assures you a 360 degree protection to stay away from any threats.


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