NSA, GCHQ Infiltrated Antiviruses to Snoop on Public

16 Oct

Recent leaks based on Snowden’s testimony reveal that government agencies targetted antivirus softwares and spied on company emails to collect consumer data.

Law-abiding citizens all over the world, especially in UK and the USA, have more reasons to be worried about. For one, their ongoing struggle with spyware and malware creeping into their personal computers is a long-standing ordeal.

And although there are antivirus softwares for consumers to combat this problem, it’s here to stay. Not because the antivirus and firewall manufacturers or their products are incompetent; infact they are only getting better. The problem lies with the governments, particularly of these two countries, who are employing their intelligence agencies to intercept antiviruses so that they can sneak into their citizens’ personal space.

This further ascertains the popular public speculation that intelligence bureaus like the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and the National Security Agency (NSA), belonging to UK and the USA respectively, are hell bent on snooping on their citizens.

The issue is making headlines based on a recent report published in The Intercept, an online magazine dedicated to the cause of reporting, among other things, “documents previously provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.”

Web portals like TechCrunch and Gizmodo have reported that Russia-based Kaspersky Lab is one of the cybersecurity companies targeted by the agencies. Reportedly, the agencies used what is termed Software Reverse Engineering (SRE) to understand the software build and find loopholes for them to sneak inside the users’ computers.

Not only did the NSA and GCHQ try to invade the antivirus programs, the agencies even tried (maybe succeeded) to infiltrate the emails of officials in such companies to discover any possible flaws in the softwares. As an example of how capable these agencies were in snooping the public, the recent leak testifies that the GCHQ collected information on as many as “100 million malware events every day.”

The world would be a better place if only the Big Brother and its henchmen redirect their focus on the deserving enemies instead of spying on their citizens. 

Author Bio:

Manish is a former journalist who works as a blog consultant for Comodo. He completed his Master’s in Corporate Communications in 2011 from Lindenwood University in Saint Charles. As a tech blogger, Manish has a penchant for writing about the latest trends in the InfoSec industry. You can find him on LinkedIn (

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