Security Is Readily Available For Free, Antivirus That You Need

06 Nov

While customers readily buy hardware by paying real money, most of them tend to feel skeptical about paying for software products. It can either be said as a wrong notion against security or productivity tools or sometimes one feels that they are too expensive to be purchased for real. If you think often that security is something reserved only for the elite and those who pay to get it, you are completely wrong.

Cyber Attacks

Comodo the leading technology solutions and trust assurance provider offers free Antivirus, the answer that most users have been looking for. Unlike most other vendors who always supply solutions stripped off their excellent features, the product from the branded company works efficiently and offers the best protection against malware. Cyber attacks are on the rise and any sane user would consider taking steps to ensure that they don’t lose their private data to those cyber criminals. Using a good antivirus solution is the most sensible choice and this will cover you for all that you need.

Malware Protection

The primary purpose of using free antivirus is to get unlimited malware protection and the Comodo product will ideally meet your needs. Some of the features found in the software are exclusive to the brand that has been developed by a team of professionals in the research labs. It includes the host intrusion prevention or HIPS, Defense+, auto sandbox technology and much more.

Auto Sandbox Technology

As the name suggests, the auto sandbox technology is an useful feature which has the capability to isolate any suspicious or malicious files. Instead of allowing every file to enter your PC infrastructure all the time which is the first step for any virus to compromise your computer, it will make sure the files are found in the whitelist before granting them access. Any new file which requests entry will first be moved to the sandbox where it will be run to make sure there are no malicious files in disguise. Even if it tries to infect, the virus will only infect the artificial computer in the sandbox mode. It will be added to the blacklist and blocked permanently for assured safety.

Cloud Based Identification

An unique feature of the Free Antivirus from Comodo is its ability to make use of every impressive feature without having users to pay for them. The cloud based identification is an innovative and productive system found in the program. The software uses cloud based behavior analysis which will scan every file to make sure it is not a virus. It helps in securing an user from such attacks when their local virus definitions fails to have updated information but it can readily be found online in the cloud.

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