5 Ways To Maximize Your Business’s Security

17 Nov

A recent survey revealed that companies are losing data and sometimes get hacked because of a wrong link that an employee clicks. It was the wake up call that businesses needed because they realized an important aspect of internet security. The network is connected to everyone and simply blocking access to websites or trying to monitor through an administrator will not help. Educating everyone on these common aspects and best practices of security will play an integral role in determining how secure your business is.

Using secure password sharing for cloud – Sometimes, when employees work together, it becomes mandatory to share cloud applications including google apps, sales force or others with all of them. Instead of simply allowing them access in an open environment where every one of the team member will know the password, try secure password sharing. The method allows you to share passwords for all these cloud applications without revealing the content to the employee. They will be able to login but never know the password which secures unwanted knowledge to them all.

Brown Bag Training Sessions – In the corporate environment, brown bag training sessions are considered to be useful when it comes to boosting internet security measures. The concept is simple when the employer should give free packed lunch to everyone of them in afternoons while imparting them knowledge on the variety of security procedures. Critics claim that instead of forcing hundreds of pages of manual, this simple tip sharing with free lunch easily gets registered in an individual’s mind.

Keep track of relieved employees – Assigning a person to keep track of employees who are no longer in the job is essential. They should make sure that those who are not in the company are denied access to business resources and their credentials revoked. Sometimes, an annoyed employee may use it to defame the company. Avoid them.

Never store them all in one place – The new concept is ransomware where cyber attackers will take control of your cloud or local storage drive. They will demand a ransom which if not paid will lead to complete removal of content stored in the said drive. Avoid it and keep backups to be safer. This is a good measure against data loss and corruption as well.

Special training – Giving special training to select employees on best practices of internet security could help. It can be related to phishing, scamming and other common line threats.

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