New Phishing Gameplan Targets Facebook Users

24 Feb

Phishing agents have found a fertile new ground to launch malware attacks. They are now targeting the world’s most popular media sharing platform – the Facebook.

This was a finding unearthed by the Comodo Threat Research Lab in January earlier this year. According to Comodo researchers, phishing agents were found to be sending spam emails to Facebook users making it look like a new message in their Facebook mailbox.

It (phishing) may not be the most groundbreaking attack method cybercriminals use — but there’s no denying that cybercriminals are becoming more clever when crafting their messages. More frequently, they’re using well-known applications or social platforms and also action-oriented language in the subject lines to entice recipients to open the emails, click the links or attachments and spread the malware,” said Fatih Orhan, Director of Technology for Comodo Threat Research Lab.

In early January, the Comodo team discovered a similar tactic where malware agents sent fake emails pretending to be from WhatsApp, attempting at luring recipients to click malicious attachments that came with the mail. Comodo researchers said that both phishing campaigns probably is a gameplan originating from the same hive of cybercriminals.

Users should be cautious of any email that requires information or that redirects to a URL Web page— and especially if there is a file download. Comodo is working around the clock to stay ahead of cybercriminals’ next moves by creating innovative solutions that protect and secure endpoints and keep enterprises and IT environments safe” Orhan added.

Orhan heads a team of more than 40 ethical hackers, IT security professionals, computer scientists and engineers in the Comodo Threats Research Lab. The team rigorously work to analyse the latest malware types and tactics, filter out spams, decipher phishing and malware messages spread all across the globe. On average, the team analyses nearly 1 million potential malicious files and emails every day and apply the insights in making Comodo security products that can deftly tackle security threats.

Being an industry leader in the information security sector, the company is trying to spread public awareness against the risks of identity theft and unsolicited data breach. During the last Super Bowl 50, the company offered free endpoint protection and secure encryption channel to the public watching the game live in the Levi’s Stadium in order to prevent rogue wi-fi hot spots from stealing their identities.

We noticed a number of rouge open Wifi Access Points in the vicinity and did a little bit of security research and found that hackers are trying to capitalize on the event by tricking people into connecting their mobile devices to these criminal hotspots to intercept their data…” said John Peterson, VP of Product Marketing at Comodo.

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