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Internet of Things (IoT) users concerned about security

IoT: Evolving like never-before…

Seventeen years after British entrepreneur Kevin Ashton first coined the term Internet of Things (IoT), it’s now a part of our day-to-day existence. There is also the estimate that by the turn of the decade, the number of objects that would be part of IoT would almost touch the 50 billion mark. Internet of Things, which refers to the network of physical objects, devices etc connected to the internet, now touches diverse spheres of our very existence. Well, great news this certainly is. But how secure are we when we step inside the IoT territory? This is a very relevant question; security is a matter of great concern for all users now, especially regarding IoT. Challenges are many and profound and there always exists the big, physical threat of cyber attacks looming large over IoT technology.

The threats- A closer look

In the near future IoT would turn more pervasive and users would tend to connect more smart devices to the internet. Well, we are living in an era when many household appliances and day-to-day devices are ‘smart’ or internet enabled. These range from cameras and televisions and medical apparatus to many smart applications, household things and automobile security devices. All this makes life easy for us. But doesn’t that add to out security worries? Just imagine how it would be if some hacker manages to get control of the security cameras, alarm systems and door locks of an apartment building or a commercial complex. Just imagine how it would be when hackers get into the security system of a hospital and play mischief with devices. Just imagine how it would be when hackers hijack your automobile security system and it goes all wrong. How would it be if you get spied in your own home via an internet-connected camera, kitchen appliances or television?

This kind of a threat in the realm of internet security becomes much relevant because it’s not just about hacking your system and getting it all go wrong on the machine. This is not just about stealing your personal data and robbing you of your money, which of course is a grave issue in itself. This is more about making a direct attack on your physical world and causing you more personal kind of damage. This is also about invading your private spaces and even affecting your health or mobility. Criminals can simply break into your personal life and cause you sufficient damage. Doesn’t that make it alarming? No wonder that over 65% of internet users are highly concerned about data theft and security breach that could happen to them via the applications, devices etc that they connect to the internet.

The Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF), launched in 2015, works on securing IoT by promoting knowledge and best practice. Users worldwide see anti-virus vendors to help them out of this internet security issue too.

Well, with IoT technology going real strong and having a bright future, we all have the right to be highly concerned about the security aspects…at all times!

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