How to install Comodo One – Easy Guide

25 Aug

Comodo RMM, you must have an active Comodo One Account and have added devices and users to the Comodo IT and Security Manager (ITSM) module. Once you have added devices to ITSM, you will be able to download the  RMM console and push the RMM client to managed endpoints.

Basic Setup:

  1. Add devices, endpoints and users to Comodo IT and Security Manager as described above.
  2. Enable the RMM extension in Comodo IT and Security Manager (‘Settings’ > ‘Extensions’ > set RMM switch to ‘ON’)
  3. Install the RMM Admin console. The console is used to monitor endpoints, define policies and configure endpoint service desk requests, and should be installed on a local workstation or server. To download the console, open ITSM > Devices > Device List. Select any endpoint from the list and click ‘Takeover’. This will allow you to download the console setup files to your local machine.
  4. Install the RMM client software on target endpoints. The agent facilitates communication between endpoints and the admin console. The agent is automatically installed on managed endpoints once the RMM extension is enabled in ITSM (step ii, above). Should the need arise, you can also install the agent manually by clicking Devices > Device List, selecting your target endpoints then clicking ‘Install MSI/Packages’ > ‘RMM Agent‘.


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