Why SSL Certificates for Websites?

01 Dec

SSL certificates play a vital role in nearly all online transactions, ensuring a secure, trusted connection between a given browser and a given website. Ensuring the safe transmission of data, login information, and other key Internet-facilitated functionality, SSL certificates provide the foundation for online trust, and provide the foundation for online banking, shopping and bill-paying that have become so ingrained into 21st century life.

The foundation for SSL -based security is encryption, an extremely reliable process when properly configured, but which can suffer from dangerous vulnerabilities if not effectively implemented or managed correctly. In fact, business security is too often compromised by a lack of automated certificate management tools.

Attempts to manually track and monitor multiple certificates from various vendors will almost always result in error and mismanagement, leading to missed renewals and expired certificates, which, in turn, generally lead to insecure connections, lack of trust, and a tarnished brand, among other problems.

Effective enterprise certificate management protects against data breaches, failed audits and costly unplanned downtime. Just one expired certificate can lead to major outages, potentially costing tens of thousands of dollars to remediate, and damaging brand integrity.

Related Software:

Comodo Certificate Manager is a robust, centralized certificate management solution designed to provide enterprise clients with a secure, reliable and consistent structure for the entire certificate lifespan, featuring streamlined but powerful tracking, management and compliance functionality for all of their SSL/PKI needs.

Why Comodo Certificate Manager?

Comodo Certificate Manager, developed in partnership with several Fortune 500 companies, consistently and securely manages large volumes of digital certificates of all types and signature algorithms (SSL, ECC, RSA); CCM is the solution to these common – and potentially extremely costly – enterprise challenges.

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