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Security software thwarting security of online transactions

This is news. Security software, like antivirus programs, intended to guarantee online security, could perhaps thwart the security of online transactions.

A new research conducted at the Concordia University, Montreal, Canada shows that security certificate might even make online computing less safe. 14 commonly used software programs were used for the research, conducted by Mohammad Mannan, assistant professor in the Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering (CIISE), and PhD student Xavier de Carné de Carnavalet. They found that these software programs, which claim to make systems safe by blocking virus and protecting data, “were doing more harm than good. “

As explained in a news release brought out by the university, “At the root of the problem is how security applications act as gatekeepers, filtering dangerous or unwanted elements by inspecting secure web pages before they reach the browser.” The news release further says, “Normally, browsers themselves have to check the certificate delivered by a website, and verify that it has been issued by a proper entity, called a Certification Authority (CA). But security products make the computer “think” that they are themselves a fully entitled CA, thus allowing them to fool browsers into trusting any certificate issued by the products.”

The research and its inferences would most likely make every computer user, especially those who carry out online transactions, sit up and think about the usefulness of having security software/antivirus that they have been using for long, on which they have bestowed maximum trust.

Says Xavier de Carné de Carnavalet, “Out of the products we analyzed, we found that all of them lower the level of security normally provided by current browsers, and often bring serious security vulnerabilities…While a couple of fishy ad-related products were known to behave badly in the same set-up, it’s stunning to observe that products intended to bring security and safety to users can fail as badly.”

The research was supported in part by an NSERC Discovery Grant, a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s Contributions Program and the findings were originally presented at the Network and Distributed System Security Symposium 2016, held in February in California.

Mohammad Mannan is quoted (in the University release) as saying- “We reported our findings to the respective vendors so they can fix their products…Not all of them have responded yet, but we hope to bring their attention to these issues.””

The release also quotes de Carnavalet- “We also hope that our work will bring more awareness among users when choosing a security suite or software to protect their children’s online activities…We encourage consumers to keep their browser, operating system and other applications up-to-date, so that they benefit from the latest security patches”. He is also quoted as saying- “Parental control apps exist that do not interfere with secure content, but merely block websites by their domain name, which is probably effective enough.”

These findings would definitely be eye-openers to the vendors of online security products while they would also be informative for internet users across the world.


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Virus Scan Stops Medical Device to Crash During Major Heart Surgery

Medical Device Stops Due to Unprompted Virus Scan During Cardiac Surgery

Jokes about forgetful doctors leaving scalpels inside their patients’ guts are becoming cliched now. In today’s “connected” world, where technology is fast replacing jobs, computers too can cause unthinkable goof ups. In a rare turn of events, an antivirus software scan almost cost a patient’s life recently during a highly-sensitive medical surgery in the US.

Generally, an antivirus software is supposed to protect a device from malwares and increase its efficiency. In this case though, the antivirus caused an almost-fatal incident by forcing a computerized medical device to crash in the middle of the cardiac surgery.

Medical Device Stops Due to Unprompted Virus Scan During Cardiac Surgery

Although it took place in February, the incident only surfaced recently in the news waves when Softpedia published a news piece about it. A report was filed to the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) for investigation and other online media quickly picked up the story.

According to reports, the antivirus software hindered the functioning of a medical device called Merge Hemo, an equipment that’s critical in its role for monitoring the real-time health of patients during cardiac surgeries.

Apparently, the hospital staff behind the operation of the machine had set-up the machine’s virus scan configuration cycle on hourly basis, which is against what the software vendor recommends. Following this, the antivirus software prompted a malware scan and caused Merge Hemo interface to freeze and eventually crash momentarily.

The FDA, in its report about the incident clarifies that it wasn’t Merge Hemo that malfunctioned, but blames the mistakenly pre-set configuration for it. “Based upon the available information, the cause for the reported event was due to the customer not following instructions concerning the installation of anti-virus software; therefore, there is no indication that the reported event was related to product malfunction or defect,” writes the FDA report.

It further notes, “The anti-virus software needs to be configured to scan only the potentially vulnerable files on the system, while skipping the medical images and patient data files. Our experience has shown that improper configuration of anti-virus software can have adverse effects including downtime and clinically unusable performance.”

The incident proved to be a narrow escape for the fortunate patient as the doctors were able to revive the crashed machine and complete the procedure successfully. The said medical procedure is reported to be catheterization, for which surgeons put a catheter inside the heart’s veins and arteries to diagnose any existing heart ailments. Such specialized surgeries have very little room for human neglect because they bear the risk of major impair in a patient’s health or fatal deaths.

Neither the Softpedia news nor the FDA reveal the hospital’s name or location involved in this case.


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Antivirus is not the only Security Factor


When we think of protecting a computer from virus attacks, the first thing that comes into our mind is antivirus. Once an antivirus is installed in our system, we get full confidence that our system is secure and protected from malware. But the real fact is that antivirus is known to be the last line of defense. This is just a reflex of our ignorance, Most of us have a minimal level of the real knowledge in taking security measures against viruses and other hacker’s attack.

There are always other options that are there out in store to establish protection for your digital environment. It is our responsibility to know understand the protective measures apart from using antivirus software.

  • Updating the Operating System
  • Updating the Applications
  • Enforcing minimal rights to the guest users
  • Backing up all the Information

These are some of the other security measures that should be taken into consideration along with the installation of an antivirus software.

Updating the Operating System:

  • Its good to know that you have bought a new computer, Once you open your new laptop check for any operating system updates. Outdated Operating System is always prone to suspicious malware, hence making he PC vulnerable.
  • Certainly you would find that a full scale update is at your service to make sure that your PC is updated.
  • Most of us use a pirated version, as it is cost effective. The bad story behind it is you will not get any proper updates on your pirated version of Operating System.

Updating the Applications:

  • Apart from vulnerabilities caused by Operating System updates, Hackers move their attention on installed applications of the host computer.
  • It might not take a long time to infect the PC, using an browsing information on an outdated Internet Explorer,
  • Opening a PDF through an infected Adobe Reader application, These may lead to PC insecurity.
  • To overcome all this, change your Internet Explorer Browser settings for automatic updates
  • Keep a check on your application updates.

Enforcing minimal rights to the guest users:

When you can access anything from your Personal Computer, It cannot be the case for all those who wants to access your personal computer, Keep a check for the guest users. Assign minimal rights for guest users with separate login access and password. You can restrict certain activities like software installation, changing system settings.

In most of the cases, a home based PC automatic login is set by default. This is where the user must be careful by not letting the system to vulnerability.

Backing up all the Information:

Some set of PC problems like user mistake, malfunctioning of an authenticated software or hardware failure cannot be handled by using only an antivirus software. Memorable photos, business documents can get corrupted due to any of the unexpected PC malfunctions. This can be prevented by taking a backup of all the files, folders, documents, and important applications through online cloud storage.

Ethics to Protect PC:

  • Use of the latest updated version of Operating System and Browser on your PC with robust defensive measures is important to combat any vulnerable threats.
  • If you find a file sent to you is suspicious do not open the file attachment
  • Some websites might try to trick you by organized ads temping you that you will a BMW or so, do download any such suspicious content on to your computer rather close the webpage.
  • Check for viruses on any USB stick once you plug into your computer. Do not enable auto play capability on your USB device.
  • Finally use a proper antivirus software along with firewall and other internet security products.


There are so many internet security and PC security products available to protect your PC, Choice is yours! Comodo Free Antivirus and its other security products is one of the best security products with world class features.

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Best Free Antivirus 2016


There has been a greater demand of antivirus to overcome the endangered virus threat. There are different companies competing among themselves showcasing antivirus products with different features, trying to attract customers. Comodo is one of the best companies in the antivirus industry that winds up other competitors with its exclusive security products. Comodo Antivirus 2016 is now in the entry level that is found to be user friendly and performs effectively well, serving its purpose. Comodo offers Antivirus for free.

Comodo Antivirus 2016 instantly removes virus from your infected PC

  • It offers full time protection from viruses
  • It offers an advanced level of cloud scanning
  • Easy to use user interface
  • It offers a round the clock Live tech support
  • It offers 100% protection against all types of infections

Comodo Antivirus 2016 is tailored to totally prevent virus infection. Most of the other antivirus products in the industry are purely based on the detection of the existing virus and hence its removal.

Comodo Antivirus 2016 is inbuilt with some of the world class features that ensures instant PC protection.

  • Defense+ Technology: This innovative feature implements the Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) that helps to observe any interference of unauthorized application and reports the user about its illegal access on the computer’s important files and applications.
  • Auto Sandboxing Technology: This is an exclusive security feature that automatically allows the user to move the unauthorized program that are found to be highly vulnerable to an isolated environment. This does not interfere in the regular operations of the PC.
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support: We have in-housed well trained computer experts round the clock who are capable to access remote PC and fix the PC problems remotely. They help you to solve the PC problem and ensures optimization of PC Security.
  • Blocking of Malicious URL:

Comodo Antivirus 2016 prohibits access to malware infected sites. Any files and apps that are downloaded are scanned and removes the infected files instantly.

  • Minimum Interference:

Comodo Antivirus 2016 takes the responsibility to block untrusted and unwanted files. It also as a Game Mode provision that does not allow the interference of any user’s alerts, scheduled scans, or virus database updates when the user is playing games.

  • Spyware Scanning:

Spyware Scanner identifies and helps in the virus removal from the infected PC registry

  • Cloud based Antivirus:

The user do not need to manually update virus definitions as the cloud based antivirus scanning feature helps to detect the latest zero day threats.


All the advanced level features of virus removal with the implementation of the latest innovative technology makes Comodo Antivirus 2016 as one of the world class antivirus software customized for both individuals and organizations. Enjoy the benefits of Comodo Antivirus 2016 that is exclusively free of cost.

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