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Say Goodbye to Malware, Comodo Free Cloud Scanner is Here

Make your computer completely virus free. And, if you assume it’s near impossible to achieve it because the process requires technical knowledge, you are mistaken. The Comodo free cloud scanner is a one stop tool primarily designed for average users who doesn’t have in-depth knowledge on cleaning a PC from virus, malware and trojan infections. The software tool will take care of the entire process and will allow you to scan your PC over the cloud for assured virus protection, with the click of a button. It’s as simple as that!

Get Rid of Hidden Malware

The hidden malware is the most notorious of them all because they usually evade any scanning done by antivirus tools. Keeping the fact in mind, Comodo has come up with the cloud scanning solution which is much more accurate and capable of going to the farthest corner of your storage to remove the pesky viruses.

Cloud Scanner

The software is capable of detecting and removing malware like no other solution ever designed with a powerful scan. It scans using a cloud based whitelisting and blacklisting solution which makes it easy to sort the malicious files from the safe ones within a jiffy.

The lightning fast online service not only removes viruses but is also capable of removing junk files that has been continuously occupying space for no reason, fix registry errors, and stop hidden processes from gobbling up your precious system resources.

Speed Up Your PC

By using the Comodo free cloud scanner, you can find significant difference in your system resources and make your computer slick with operations than ever before. A trojan, virus or bug can slow down even the most PC of them all.

The scanner will find those unwanted registry entries, junk files and hidden processes to remove them all. This allows you to significantly free up memory and experience a more responsive computing solution. The tool is fully automatic which makes it much easier for newbies and non-computer savvy people to operate it without any difficulty. And, as the tool is being offered for free in the official Comodo website, you don’t have to pay anything to use it. Simply download it and start the scanning process to witness the difference.

The Comodo Free Cloud Scanner has the capacity to fix privacy issues and now comes with a built in custom scanner. It has a powerful scanning engine that is extremely efficient in detecting infections and notifying you of them.

When combined with Comodo PC Tuneup and the Comodo Internet Security which includes an antivirus as well a firewall, the product is capable of delivering the most impressive performance you have ever witnessed with a scanning software before. Another useful feature found in the tool is the ability to scan files and folders individually, if you like to. All that is required is to right click on the file or folder to cloud scan it instantly.

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