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Top Reasons To Choose Free Comodo Ice Dragon

 There are myriad reasons to choose free Comodo Ice Dragon browser because it is one of the safest, fastest and secure solution available to browse the internet in a hassle free manner. Integrated with a list of new features and additional upgrades, the Chromium client provides assured malware protection, secure DNS, private browsing among other advantages for users. 


Site Inspector – an integrated malware scanning technology, which as the name suggests has the capability to visit any website before your computer connects with it and warn you, in case the destination is unsafe to work with. Besides, when you browse the web, you can readily make use of the Site Inspector option. Simply click on the Scan Link button from the drop down menu and it will automatically ensure whether the website has been infected with any malware or not. This is a handy tool which will also show other website information including previous scanning done, domain registration details and administrative contact, in case you need to speak to them. 


Secure DNS – Another valuable reason that makes the free Comodo Ice Dragon browser the most viable and secure choice available for avid internet users. The browser allows you to make use of Comodo’s domain name system without any additional costs. The company operates a slew of retrieval systems spread around the globe using which, it will pick a high performance DNS closest to you. It will drastically boost website loading times and makes your browsing experience blazing fast than you ever experienced. 


Safer Browsing – With malware, trojans, bugs and viruses rising high on a every day basis, every user is now concerned about their privacy and security levels. When using free Comodo Ice Dragon, you are fully secured against all types of spyware websites, adware, malware infected websites and phishing sites. Real time block list technology is used at this point to detect and check if a website is blacklisted on the go. A warning message will be sent to the user to let them know when its unsafe to move into the page. 


Privacy Enhancements – Built on Firefox, the Comodo browser provides better crash data and makes the program much more stable. Multiple under the hood enhancements increases privacy and allows user to define what to share. It is definitely one of the fastest and safest Firefox version out in the market that gives everything you need in clear view for easy navigation. Get you free Comodo Ice Dragon browser for experiencing web in a new way.

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