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iOS 8 bug deletes iCloud Drive documents

iOS 8 setting the trend:

Apple has released its latest and updated version of its operating system (iOS), the iOS 8, and this has been awaited for a longtime by the gadget lovers. You will have new updates in apps that we use every day with new way to exchange messages and clicks with friends and family. A new set of connections between apps and devices and also between different apps and between different devices. Also with extra inclusions and exclusions onto the device, helps the users and the developers to use this smart piece of gadget with a deeper range of access. iCloud and Touch ID, have made the iOS 8 the iPhone as the most peculiar version for the digital lovers.

Simply said, iOS 8 lets the user to reach things beyond the universe

iCloud – Masterpiece of iOS 8:

iCloud, an iOS 8 app gives you the liberty to work on any files from any devices, As with iCloud, the users can store his/her important documents be it spreadsheets, presentations images, PDFs and any other documents in any form in the iCloud drive safely. By doing the user can gain access to those safely stored documents through any of his/her iPad, iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod touch or through PC.

Uploading files in iCloud:

Do you know to upload files in the iCloud Drive, Here is how it works, few easy and simple steps,

To save files in the iCloud Drive, Drag and drop the file to be stored in the iCloud Drive folder either on your PC running Windows 7 or on your Mac running OS X Yosemite.

It can also be done by starting a new document using an app on your iOS device, that is enabled by iCloud. this helps you to access all the documents from any of your devices.

Swapping devices to create and edit documents:

You can edit the documents on device and can view the edited version through the other device.

It is simple to understand, You would have been to take up a presentation at work, and that you have less time to finish the presentation that you have started at home on your Mac device, iCloud gives you hand to support, save the presentation on the iCloud drive, the next day at work you can do some additions and changes to your presentation on your iPad that gets saved on the iCloud drive, make it perfect instantly and here you go with the perfect presentation to present in front of your managers.

iCloud also helps the files to be shared through different apps.

Here comes the Mystery!

A kind of flaw has been found in the move through the iOS 8, hence deleting documents that have been stored in the iCloud Drive without the knowledge of the users.

This was found after so many complaints from the users from forums. The bug is found to trigger through the option to “Reset All Settings”

The “Reset All Settings” option is found in the Settings option under the General category. On clicking this option, it helps the user to reset the iOS settings not disturbing the data and media. But some of the users have found the deletion of documents that are saved in the iCloud drive after clicking the Reset All settings option.

On the call of these complaints, developers started to act upon this flaw. After a good amount of research, it was found that the bug was specific to iWork apps namely Pages, Numbers and Keynotes and other documents in the iCloud remained the safe.

Well this sounds embarrassing to Apple!

Apple has worked on a feature called the Time Machine this enables to instantly back up files that can be used to restore when the files are lost due to mishap. But some of the users have complained that the Time Machine feature did not help them retrieve their lost files back, but some have found to retrieve the lost iCloud drive files using the Time Machine feature. This seems to be mysterious, Hence developers are seriously working on this down fall that Apple is facing at the moment.

MacRumors, a website with a collection of Apple related news, reports and rumors, tested the bug and issued a following report.

During the phase of testing, iWork apps’ documents that safely saved in the iCloud drive on the iPhone and on the were deleted by choosing the “Reset All Settings”. Some time was allotted to sync the files to a Mac OS X Yosemite, while doing this, all the documents got disappeared from the device. The TextEdit documents that has a disabled access level over the iPhone was found to remain untouched on the Mac device.

iCloud Drive is as equal as Google Drive and other online based cloud storage services. It not just about storing files on the iCloud drive, its also about accessing and retrieving them from any device.

Hence Apple has to look on to this issue, to maintain its symbol of prestige, that the users are after it.

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