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Are You An Ecommerce Merchant? Read This!

The trend of internet shopping is booming like never before and it’s so high that even the most coveted Black Friday sales are now being done online. While having a load efficient server and easy to browse user interface is mandatory, every online website should comply with the terms set by the payment card industry. Credit cards are the largest used method of payment because of which it has gained ample attention in recent times from cyber criminals and continue to be hacked now and then. The PCI defines guidelines which will ensure customers share their credit card info only with a recognized brand and forces merchants to store is securely for best protection.

Online Shopping

But, how do you know if your website is compliant with it? That is when, free PCI scan from Comodo comes into picture. It gets rid of your worries and allows you to easily check within minutes. Such is the level of convenience offered by the tool.

Instant Scanning 

An impressive advantage of using the free PCI scan tool designed and deployed by Comodo is its ease of use. There are no mandatory process or complex settings involved in getting the job done. The technology is being distributed under the name Hacker Guardian PCI Compliance tool which takes care of the different steps associated with the implementation process. It does everything right from sending detailed reports to vulnerability scanning and compliance tests.

Why Use It? 

Ecommerce merchants gain the excellent advantage of being able to complete their quarterly PCI Compliance scans with ease. This will keep them registered with the Payment Card Industry so that they can continue to collect and store credit card information in a secure environment. Another tool that provides a similar protection is the SSL certificate which encrypts all data and secures them during transmission. The interface is easy to manage, navigate and can be configured within minutes to meet your requirements.

Gain Customer Confidence 

Being member of the Payment Card Industry is not only for the security of credit cards but it is a prestigious addition for any ecommerce merchant. The online seller will gain brand identity and have the ability to convince customers into buying their products. With Free PCI Scan all these and much more are possible as it is one of the most trusted ways to gain customer confidence. When you choose the HackerGuardian from Comodo, you will have benefits including easy interface, configuration settings, reports, virus scanning, remediation plans, fast PCI compliance reports and certified scanning services recognized in the industry. Comodo is an approved scanning vendor, shortly known as the ASV who also helps you in sending the right documents to the bank making your credit card claims easier.

Comodo is a certificate authority, an active member of the CAB forum and is the developer of Internet Security suite, antivirus, firewall besides other online trust assurance tools. The HackerGuardian is a definitive answer for the PCI Compliance requirements that e-merchants face online on a regular base and its competitive pricing plans, with flexible options available make it readily accessible for everyone who require to cope up with the payment card industry.

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