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Types of SSL Certificates for Online Shopping Security

Privacy protection for Ecommerce merchants and ensuring their website is secure is a critical component of online businesses. Securing websites will help business merchants build a confidence element in the customers’ mind and hence develop and stabilize business.

From where and how can we build the customers’ trust line! It is through digital SSL Certificate, the communication between the web browser from the customers’ end and the website can be secured. SSL called as Secure Sockets Layer helps to encrypt the communication that goes to and fro from a website’s server and a user’s browser. Almost all the online businesses implement the use of SSL certificates from a trusted Certificate Authority in order to secure their websites.

Types of SSL Certificates vary and are designed to suit the basic needs of the organizations.

Organization SSL Certificate:

This type of SSL certificate ensures website validity by checking if the business is an authorized one or not. Before the SSL certificate is issued, the Certificate authority conducts a strict procedure of inspection. This includes the verification of the required business credentials, it also helps to validate whether the given physical and web address is accurate. An Organization SSL certificate is the best option for online business transactions that permits confidential data like customers’ account number, credit/debit card details and so on

Domain SSL Certificate:

Domain Validation Certificates are known to be the cheapest SSL certificates that are available to provide website security as it is an automated process with no validation required from any certificate authority. A Domain Validated certificate that is fully functional can be received immediately.

Extended Validation SSL Certificate:

The Certificate application process of Extended Validation SSL is rigorous with more validation involved. The applicants should qualify certain criteria to proceed with the application. There are specific limitations to apply EV SSL type certificate. The Color-coding of the Website’s address bar and signal secure connections are some of the features that can be achieved only through EV SSL certificate. The browser navigation is green indicating that the website is validated with an EV SSL Certificate. It ensures complete website security with proper encryption. The browser navigation turns red when unworthy site is encoutered.

EV SSL Certificate provides the best and significant level of website security on the SSL Certificate market today.

Unified Communications SSL Certificate:

UC SSL Certificate or Unified Communication SSL Certificate is also called as Exchange SSL which is known to be developed for Microsoft Communication Server Environments. An UC SSL Certificate can secure connection for a multiple domains hence secured communication can be achieved by reducing the cost and complexity on administration. It supports a service called Auto-discover in Microsoft, helps to ease client administration. A UC certificate has been known to establish trust for almost all the mobile devices and web browsers.

Wildcard SSL Certificate:

Wildcard SSL Certificates provides protection and security for website URL including its sub-domains with no specific limitations.

To quote an example:

You can Secure if you request your certificate for *,

You can Secure, if you request your certificate for *,

Multi Domain SSL Certificate:

Multi Domain SSL Certificate also called Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) ensures security for all the multiple host names that are within a domain name. With a single Unified Communications Certificate, a primary domain name and around 99 additional Subject Alternative Names (SANs) can be secured. Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft LiveĀ® Communications Server and Exchange Server 2010 are most ideal to deal with UCC.

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