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Comodo Certificate Manager with Active Directory

Detailed video guide on how Comodo Certificate Manager works with Active Directory. Get Now here:


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What is Certificate Manager?

Without SSL certificates, we would not be able to enjoy the secure online conveniences and amenities we’ve come to expect, such as trusted online banking, bill paying, and shopping. Encryption implementations work reliably when properly configured and deployed, but many organizations don’t manage their encryption implementations as well as they should. The widespread neglect of certificate management is due to the difficulty that comes with the manual, error-prone management process. This neglect can lead to businesses losing track of SSL certificates, which eventually expire and go unnoticed. As a result, customers who see error messages are highly likely to abandon their shopping cart, and customers that ignore the warnings are vulnerable to having their credit card information intercepted by a hacker.

As a result of applications that handle a myriad of critical corporate or client data, along with expanding regulatory requirements, a current demand of clients is to ensure their data is secure. A robust PKI certificate management application is now an IT essential. In fact, few business processes are as important as effective enterprise certificate management: just ask any unlucky organization that has suffered a data breach, failed audit, or costly unplanned downtime. The solution to these common enterprise challenges is Comodo Certificate Manager (CCM), which was developed in partnership with several Fortune 500 companies to efficiently, consistently and securely manage large volumes of digital certificates.

Comodo Certificate Manager

Comodo Certificate Manager (CCM) is a core component of Comodo’s Identity, Trust and Security product portfolio. CCM provides a flexible and reliable system for digital certificate issuance and lifecycle management. By automating and centralizing the management of cryptographic keys and digital certificates, organizations are able to more easily deploy and scale the security of their e-business applications and services. CCM streamlines the lifecycle management of SSL, S/MIME and Client Authentication certificates through a unified and secure web interface.
CCM is fully integrated with the Comodo Certificate Authority operation that ensures a highly secure and rapid certificate management capability, functionality that reduces certificate administration and thus creates an efficient, productive and secure business environment.

Comodo provides the convenience and controls needed to easily and fully administer an extensive portfolio of SSL, S/MIME and Client Authentication certificates. Through its multi-tiered administrative capabilities, CCM can be easily configured to comply with your organizational authority structure(s) and security policies. Microsoft Active Directory integration, and CSV file upload utilities enable the rapid automation of client certificate tasks such as enrollment, issuance and revocation while Key Management Services.


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