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Free Antivirus Software That You Need the Most to Defy Threats of Free Computer Antivirus Software To Defy Threats

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Tips to stay safe Online

Tips to stay safe Online

Computer security, we all know, is of paramount importance these days, whether it be a personal computer, used solely for personal purposes or one used for official or business purposes. Every computer needs to be kept secure, especially since much of our day-to-day life today is centered around the computer and the internet. Here are some valuable tips that could help keep your computer safe…
Computer Security

Tip 1: Use good antivirus, internet security suite
This is the most basic thing. Have a good antivirus or a good internet security suite. There might be the argument that antivirus programs may not be able to keep all viruses out, but that antivirus software is key to a computer’s security is an undeniable truth. Go for antivirus software with the best of features, which would guarantee maximum security.

Tip 2: Encrypt the hard drive(s)
Encrypting the hard drive(s) in a computer makes it impossible for anyone to steal data from the system. In case the system gets stolen or anyone unauthorized gets access to the system, it would be easy to bypass the Windows password set. Encrypting the hard drive(s) would guarantee confidentiality and security of the data on the system.

Tip 3: Secure Wi-Fi Connection(s)
An unsecured Wi-Fi connection can make hacking a system is easy. A system with unsecured Wi-Fi connection(s) is always vulnerable. Hence it’s always good to secure Wi-Fi with passwords and by encrypting the connection.

Tip 4: Stay safe from tech support scams
Tech supports scams are common these days. Cold calls or pop-up alerts saying you have computer security issues and that you need to sort them out may be scams. Once you decide to seek their help, they’d offer remote tech support. Giving them remote control of your system would mean exposing all data, all files, and documents that are there on the system. Thus it’s always good to stay safe from tech support scams.

Tip 5: Browse safe, stay safe from phishing emails etc
Ensure safe internet browsing habits. Stay away from spammy websites, make payments or purchases only through secure websites and always be wary of phishing emails and links.



Antivirus is not the only Security Factor


When we think of protecting a computer from virus attacks, the first thing that comes into our mind is antivirus. Once an antivirus is installed in our system, we get full confidence that our system is secure and protected from malware. But the real fact is that antivirus is known to be the last line of defense. This is just a reflex of our ignorance, Most of us have a minimal level of the real knowledge in taking security measures against viruses and other hacker’s attack.

There are always other options that are there out in store to establish protection for your digital environment. It is our responsibility to know understand the protective measures apart from using antivirus software.

  • Updating the Operating System
  • Updating the Applications
  • Enforcing minimal rights to the guest users
  • Backing up all the Information

These are some of the other security measures that should be taken into consideration along with the installation of an antivirus software.

Updating the Operating System:

  • Its good to know that you have bought a new computer, Once you open your new laptop check for any operating system updates. Outdated Operating System is always prone to suspicious malware, hence making he PC vulnerable.
  • Certainly you would find that a full scale update is at your service to make sure that your PC is updated.
  • Most of us use a pirated version, as it is cost effective. The bad story behind it is you will not get any proper updates on your pirated version of Operating System.

Updating the Applications:

  • Apart from vulnerabilities caused by Operating System updates, Hackers move their attention on installed applications of the host computer.
  • It might not take a long time to infect the PC, using an browsing information on an outdated Internet Explorer,
  • Opening a PDF through an infected Adobe Reader application, These may lead to PC insecurity.
  • To overcome all this, change your Internet Explorer Browser settings for automatic updates
  • Keep a check on your application updates.

Enforcing minimal rights to the guest users:

When you can access anything from your Personal Computer, It cannot be the case for all those who wants to access your personal computer, Keep a check for the guest users. Assign minimal rights for guest users with separate login access and password. You can restrict certain activities like software installation, changing system settings.

In most of the cases, a home based PC automatic login is set by default. This is where the user must be careful by not letting the system to vulnerability.

Backing up all the Information:

Some set of PC problems like user mistake, malfunctioning of an authenticated software or hardware failure cannot be handled by using only an antivirus software. Memorable photos, business documents can get corrupted due to any of the unexpected PC malfunctions. This can be prevented by taking a backup of all the files, folders, documents, and important applications through online cloud storage.

Ethics to Protect PC:

  • Use of the latest updated version of Operating System and Browser on your PC with robust defensive measures is important to combat any vulnerable threats.
  • If you find a file sent to you is suspicious do not open the file attachment
  • Some websites might try to trick you by organized ads temping you that you will a BMW or so, do download any such suspicious content on to your computer rather close the webpage.
  • Check for viruses on any USB stick once you plug into your computer. Do not enable auto play capability on your USB device.
  • Finally use a proper antivirus software along with firewall and other internet security products.


There are so many internet security and PC security products available to protect your PC, Choice is yours! Comodo Free Antivirus and its other security products is one of the best security products with world class features.

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The importance of installing antivirus software and firewalls on your system

These days everyone is connected to the Internet, from checking mails to browsing sites, and online shopping connecting to remote networks and offices to corporate networks. Internet’s phenomenal growth has unfortunately given rise to numerous cyber threats that has resulted in companies losing an average of $3 million in annual revenue. Regardless of whether the system is used for personal or professional purposes, it is imperative to protect it. The two most important legs of protection are antivirus and firewalls. The following reasons illustrate the importance of installing both the software.

Get Free Firewalls for your system


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An anti-virus software is the primary defense system against any online or offline threats. It scans, locates, and removes unwanted applications such as Trojans, worms, spyware, spam, and viruses from the computer. These malicious threats can steal sensitive information, delete or destroy valuable data, or install an unneeded software on the system. An antivirus protection prevents loss of personal and critical data, improves system speed,  and prevents identity theft.

Anti virus application is vital for a system to function efficiently. It completely scans the entire operating system, mails, and downloaded files and detects malicious programs and suspicious sites.  Computers are a costly investment, therefore, system scans  are  imperative to ensure their functionality. Additionally, virus removal software updates virus definitions on a regular basis thereby not allowing any viruses go undetected.

An anti-virus program is pretty straightforward, but what about a firewall? Nearly 65% of users have it in their computers but may not be aware of its functionality. A firewall is a trusted machine (hardware ) or a piece of software (personal) sitting between a computer and cyber space. It monitors  incoming traffic and  outgoing traffic (credit/debit card information, SSN)  and determines which traffic is to be allowed and which is to be refused or blocked. In simple words, firewall acts a barrier blocking unwanted traffic and allowing only appropriate network traffic to pass.

Get Antivirus software for your system

Internet security

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When a system is connected to the Internet, numerous data are sent and received in the form small units called packets.  A firewall screens these packets to check if they meet certain requirements set by specific  rules thereby allowing or blocking data. This way, hackers will not be able to get inside the  system and steal sensitive information such as passwords and bank account number. In addition, the software prevents unauthorized access to a computer and also, makes the system invisible when an user  is online, preventing attempted intrusions.

Many of today’s sophisticated firewalls include a special feature, which continually updates the known and good malicious programs. This way, the number of questions pertinent to the Internet access is reduced and therefore, system security is always up-to-date.

Firewalls protect a system from unauthorized entry but are not capable of removing malware from an already infected system. Therefore, the software should be in conjunction with other prudent measures (such as anti-virus software , anti-spyware, updated operating system) to fortify a system’s resistance against threats. While an antivirus program is a great tool helping in keeping the computer safe, adding a firewall will maximize the protection.


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What is Firewall Security? Firewall Versus Antivirus

There are significant differences between the type of security a firewall offers and the virus removal process taken care of by an antivirus program. Both of them are fundamentally different from one another because the firewall is a program which acts as a wall between the internet and the computer. It’s main objective is to make sure no unwanted or unauthorized communication is established between a program and a code from the internet. The firewall will continuously monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic to intercept any malicious files that try to pass through into the PC infrastructure. Whereas, the antivirus program has entirely different function and it is part of the operating system. It doesn’t have direct control over internet communications but has the capability to find a virus or trojan as soon as it is inside the system.

Firewall Vs Antivirus 

Users who look forward to know more about firewall security should consider knowing what it actually is. The program uses variety of monitoring techniques to ensure harmful files don’t find their way inside. There are plenty of free programs available online using which you can make sure your computer functions as it is intended and doesn’t face any issues. When unwanted applications or website communicate with the OS, chances are high that they might infect the PC and make it like a zombie. Sometimes, they establish a connection with your messenger or email messaging client which will make it easier for the malware to download the entire communication history. This is used by hackers and cyber criminals which warrants the usage of firewall programs to safeguard internal chats.

How Do They Protect? 

Firewall – The Firewall establishes a strong security shield between the web and your computer for safe communication. When a computer is connected to the web, it will use an incoming port, outgoing port and an e-mail port. When any one of the port is not in use, the malware, trojans, virus and other unsafe programs will try to use it as an entry into the individual computer. The firewall ensures it doesn’t happen and stops such infection from taking place.

Antivirus – It is a program designed to remove virus once they are found. The latest advanced versions from a brand like Comodo focus more on preventing these virus, malware and trojan infections than trying to remove them after the problem occurs. They use cloud based technology to know whitelist and blacklist of virus definitions easily.

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